Guide To Picking a Quality Roofing Company

Framing contractor installing roof sheeting over rafters on a new commercial residential construction project

Factors That You Should Consider While Hiring a Roofing Company in Woodbrige, VA / Prince William County

  • Efficient Project Management: The most energy efficient roof can function properly only if it is installed professionally with utmost care and precision. At PBI, we engage a production supervisor for every roofing project, ensuring that we execute all projects with the highest degree of accuracy. Our roofing mechanics are aware of the latest design trends in the industry and they can efficiently install a wide variety of roofs. More importantly, we will be accessible 24/7, and whenever you need us the most.
  • One Stop Roofing Solution: You will relax, knowing that your roofing and all other roofing-related requirements, including permits and service, will be accurately addressed.
  • Maximum Protection: It is your and your family’s safety which matters the most and you should choose a quality roofing contractor in Woodbridge, VA that is fully certified, insured, and licensed. Your roofing contractor should abide by the requirements of the EPA and OSHEA safety codes.
  • Roof Warranty: At PBI, we not only offer high quality products that are manufactured by the most reputed companies, but we also offer a 10 year workmanship warranty which further gives you one good reason to rely on us for your roofing requirements. Be sure and work wiht a trusted roofing company in Prince William County.
  • Customer Service Excellence: When we work with you, we make sure to maintain your property in a neat and clean state throughout the course of the project. When your project gets completed, you will see just one striking change- your new beautiful roof.
  • Overall Roof Appearance: We use sophisticated Design Imaging Software that allows you to explore and evaluate several design and color options. You can actually get a feel of how a particular roof design complements the overall architecture of your home and make a decision accordingly.
  • Gutters: With the condition of your gutters being one of the primary determinants of your roof health, you may want to get your gutter system checked during the preliminary roof inspection session.

Roof Accreditations

Common Roofing Questions And Answers That Will Guide You in Finding a Top Roofing Company in Prince William County

  • What is the most important attribute of a reputed roofing contractor?

A qualified roofing contractor has the skill and the experience that you need to execute roofing projects successfully. Additionally, the best contractors have the capability to install several types of roofing systems.

  • What is the typical maintenance effort that my roof needs?

Different types of roofs are made out of different materials and they need different degree of maintenance efforts. So you should select the one that, you think, can be maintained easily. However, you need to ensure that you undertake routine maintenance to keep your gutters clean. For example, checking the health of your shingles and replacing damaged shingles with new ones and keeping your roof free from moss and algae are some of the routine maintenance tasks that you should undertake from time to time.

  • How much will I need to pay for my new roof?

The cost typically depends on the type of home and the roofing material that you choose.

  • What is the best time to execute a roofing project?

The best time to install a new roof is summer, when there is minimum probability of rain and snow.

  • What precautions do I need to take before the installation process begins?

The installation process involves hammering, which may produce vibrations. Hence, you should remove all loose items from your walls and shelves. You should also free up the space in your driveway so that the mechanics get adequate space to move materials conveniently to your roof. Ensure the availability of electric power outside.

  • What is the average longevity of a roof?

It depends on the quality of the roofing material, the installation procedure, and the maintenance efforts that you may need to put from time to time. As a matter of fact, a new roof may last 20 years on an average.

  • How do I know when it is time to replace my roof?

Continuous leakage even after repair is one sign that you should consider while determining if it is time to get a new roof installed by a quality roofer.

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