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Roofing CouponThe roofing market provides ample options with each option having its shelf life and special features that can match your unique quality, design, and budget specifications and withstand special external conditions. Just like there are various types of roofs in the market, there are various types of roofers as well, which gives you an additional responsibility to conduct a meticulous research so as to be able to identify the right roofer that can provide you with what you actually require. Simply put, your roofer needs to be an expert in installing the specific type of roof that you are looking to invest in. What is more important is that your roofer should be reliable and demonstrate uncompromising honesty and integrity in whatever it does. You need to make sure that your roofer keeps its promise of providing you with quality solutions and the most accurate estimate.

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At PBI, we base our dealings on transparency and that’s how we have emerged as Virginia’s most reliable roofer over these years since our inception in 1991. We don’t simply present you a bill. We justify our estimate.  And most importantly, we create an estimate based on accurate inspection of the issue and we work closely with you to help you choose options on your own. Remember to ask us about financing options to help you protect your home with the best roofing company in Woodbridge.

In simple terms, we provide you with important information that helps you make appropriate decisions. Were you even aware of the fact that the placement of shingles may determine your roof’s durability? Did you know that sun exposure influences the lifespan of a roof in a negative way? Did you know that north-facing shingles typically have a larger lifespan than the south-facing shingles that get more sunlight? Our professionals know these facts and they practice adequate prudence to place the shingles in the most appropriate directions and locations so as to ensure the maximum longevity of your roof. This boils down to the fact that you do not need to invest again in your roof for a very long time.

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We have specially-tailored designs that perfectly match different roofing requirements and different home architecture. More importantly, our design consultants will help you choose the most appropriate color that will not only reflect your personal taste, but will also set up a harmonious connection with your home’s overall appearance. Our consultants deploy advanced design imaging software that allows you to get a virtual view of what your home will look like with particular roofing options and once you are 100 percent satisfied, we commence practical operations to transform virtual reality into reality. Call our consultants on 1-877-393-8857 to schedule a free consultation session.

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