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When you engage PBI to execute your window installation project, you will have peace of mind as you will know that you have partnered with the most trusted home improvement company in Virginia. We base our success on the delivery of quality service through our team of friendly and experienced professionals who know their job well and are committed to providing you with the highest standard of service. We have redefined the service quality benchmark in the home remodeling industry and our rating with the Better Business Bureau stands testament to our constant quality improvement efforts. Driven by the motto, “Improving our community, one home at a time”, we stand tall as Virginia’s leading home improvement company that has been providing environment-friendly solutions to modern, responsible homeowners.

We take pride on being the exclusive Preservation replacement window dealer in Virginia and we specialize in the installation of custom replacement windows that come in a number of styles and designs including:

  • Sliding: Exceptional in functionality and operation, sliding windows come equipped with solid brass tandem rollers which require you to operate the windows with just a touch of your finger tip.
  • Double-Hung: Double-hung windows come with an easy tilt-in feature that not only allows for safe, easy cleaning but also maximizes the daylight penetration.
  • Garden Windows: Looking to add a lively, refreshing charm to the outer appearance of your home and invite fresh winds to touch your indoor life? Call us to install custom windows that feature a deep seat board to hold your potted plants and herbs.
  • Casement Windows: A combination of unique style and extraordinary performance, our casement windows will help you preserve the long term value of your home.
  • Awning Windows: Contemporary look coupled with state-of-the-art performance is what makes awning windows one of the most -preferred replacement window options for Woodbridge homeowners.
  • Many More: Contact us to know more about the design options and how they can suit the overall architecture of your home.

Preservation windows are noted for their energy efficiency feature which makes them one of the most valuable home remodeling options for today’s Woodbridge homeowners who care about eco-conservation. All Preservation windows are designed in an eco-friendly manner which means that you can cut down on your heating and cooling costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, we offer a full lifetime warranty, assuring you that your windows will be protected, free of cost, for as long as you own your home.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and to know how we can help you implement eco-smart home-improvement solutions.



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