How To Boost Energy Efficiency Of Home Windows in Virginia

Why Are Energy Efficient Windows So Important in Virginia And How Can You Boost The Energy Efficiency Of Your Existing Windows?

Energy-efficient windows protect you from extreme weather conditions. This means that they can keep your indoor atmosphere warm during winter and cool during summer by preventing heat loss from the indoors during winter months and restricting the entry of hot air during summer. This translates into the fact that you will enjoy comfortable indoor atmosphere throughout the year without having to pay hefty energy bills.

American CraftsmanEnergy-efficient windows normally come with double panes that provide stronger insulation effects compared to single pane windows. Double pane windows, also referred to as double glazed windows, feature a layer of air or gases, such as argon, xenon, or krypton, between two glass sheets that are separated by a metal spacer.  This air layer produces the insulation effects that reduce window condensation and stabilize the indoor temperature. Additionally, it even performs the role of an acoustical barrier. Recently, triple glazed windows that are more efficient than double glazed windows have been introduced.

Double or triple pane windows may require you to make a high investment, but they are noted for their durability with 10 to 20 years being their normal lifespan. These windows are rated on the basis of U-factor which provides a measure of heat transference and notably, windows with a low U factor are considered as the best options. If you are looking to purchase energy-efficient windows, opt for the ones that are rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Double pane windows should also come equipped with a thin metal oxide layer that prevents solar heat gain and the entry of UV rays. This layer is referred to as a low emissivity or low E coating. Notably, you can get a low E coating added to your existing single or double pane windows in the form of an adhesive film. In fact, this may prove to be a less costly job compared to a complete window replacement project. However, the coating which normally appears as a light greenish tinge may block the entry of a certain portion of the natural daylight.

Anderson WindowAlternatively, you may install storm windows on the inner or the outer side of your existing window panes. Made out of glass, Plexiglas or acrylic, storm windows are being used by homeowners living in cold regions. As a matter of fact, these windows not only provide insulation against the cold winds in winter, but they can restrict the entry of hot air during summer months as well.

There are other ways to boost the energy efficiency of your windows and you may find them quite simple. For example, you may consider installing awnings or shutters if you are looking to safeguard your indoors against wind and scorching heat. You may also consider weather-stripping your windows to keep drafts away. If you are looking for a low-budget solution, you may consider pasting plastic shrink wrap on your windows. Go for eco-friendly options, such as the low-density polyethylene tape, that can be recycled. Complement your energy efficient windows with insulated curtains that normally feature foam padding or with curtains that are made out of blackout material. If you love sewing, you may use old fabric scraps to create draft excluders… certainly a meaningful way to pursue your hobby!

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