How Often Should I Replace My Roof

Framing contractor installing roof sheeting over rafters on a new commercial residential construction project

How Often Should I Replace My Roof For My Home in Prince William County, Virginia?

Your roof is the most crucial part of your home, constituting 40 percent of your home’s exterior. Surprisingly, it is a part that doesn’t receive much attention until it starts reflecting some really alarming signs. An old roof may fail to protect you from bad weather conditions while a crumbling roof may make you pay more on heating and cooling and reduce your home’s resale value.

Roofing CouponHomeowners generally experience weather that varies greatly, with summers being humid and winters being cold and snowy. This is the reason why homeowners need to be a little careful when it comes to making a periodic check-up. You should call for professional assistance if you spot areas that are sagging or if you find shingles to be missing. Additionally, check if you are able to see sunlight entering through the roof of your attic. An early detection and action can prevent smaller issues from being transformed into bigger problems that may put your life and property in jeopardy.

You have to admit a simple fact. Your home’s external appearance creates the first impression. No matter how appealing the indoor spaces of your home may look, a run-down and worn-out exterior reduces your home’s curb appeal. By getting a new roof installed in Prince William County, VA by a professional roofer, you will not only boost your home’s curb appeal, but will also add long-term value to your home. Roofs come in various designs and you can use bright colored shingles to complement your roof color in the most desired way.

Evaluating your roof’s existing condition includes evaluating the condition of your attic as well. If your attic appears to be cool and ventilated, then it’s time for you to pay close attention and seek professional help. While attic insulation is expected to last for several years, it is most likely to lose its effectiveness over time, due to normal wear and tear. So if you are looking to invest in a roof replacement project, you should ideally invest in new attic insulation as well. This will not only ensure a more comfortable indoor environment, but will also help you cut down on your utility bills. A snowy winter and a poorly-insulated attic combo is the last thing that you may want to experience.

With your roof replacement project being a critical investment, you may want to do business with one of the most trusted entities in the industry. We have been helping Prince William County, Virginia homeowners address their specific roofing needs since the past 21 years and we promise to create new benchmarks for quality as we step in the next era of home-remodeling modernization.

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