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Roofing Estimates  – It Pays to Know What You Want – Prince William County, Woodbridge, VA

With every homeowner looking to address their unique roofing requirements, every roofing job is different from the other. A roofing estimate typically depends on what you are looking for and this means that you should have clarity about your roofing project goals. Are you looking to repair your existing roof? Are you looking to install a new roof? Do you need to replace your existing roof before getting a new roof installed? Are you looking to incorporate special features such as chimneys or dormer windows in your new roof? It really makes sense if you can plan your roofing project in advance so that you can get some time to study multiple estimates from multiple contractors and check if it is really worth investing in a particular feature or requirement.

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Choosing Between Repair And Replacement

With today’s economy being increasingly shaped by uncertainty, most homeowners prefer to go for a roof repair job that will involve lesser outlay compared to what they might need to invest in a complete roof replacement job. However, repair may not be the best idea if your roof is 15 to 20 years old and has been exposed to extreme weather conditions over the past few years. Repair is certainly not an option if you have conducted significant repair several times and if your roof is leaking at the present moment. Additionally, you may often find it quite difficult to find tiles that exactly suit the color and size of your old tiles. The modern roofing industry offers energy-efficient solutions that not only allow you to save on utility bills, but also allow you and your family to enjoy comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. If you are stuck with a repair-replacement dilemma, seek your contractor’s guidance.

Understanding The Nature Of Your Roof

The square footage that needs to be covered is not the sole determinant of the cost of a roofing project. Your roof’s style and pitch, the inclusion of special features such as valleys, chimneys, or dormers, and the number of stories in your home also influence the roofing estimate to a significant extent. Besides, your roofing cost will be higher if you need to get your old roof removed and replaced by a new roof. If the underlying frame has weakened or decayed, it may need to be repaired or replaced depending on its condition, which may add to your roofing project expenditure.

Choosing The Right Roofing Material That Suits Your Needs As Well As Budget

A roof’s quality is basically determined by the quality of the roofing material. A slate roof is noted for its durability and it may last even 100 years and this is why it is the most expensive roofing material in the present-day roofing industry. Steel roofs come at a lower price compared to aluminum and copper roofs and metal roofs are noted for their rot-proof, fire-resistant, and insect-resistant properties. Tiles are lightweight options and have a pronounced aesthetic appeal, with ceramic tiles being priced higher than their concrete counterparts. Wooden roofs have their own classy appeal, but they are neither hardy nor fire-proof. Besides, wooden roofs demand high degree of maintenance efforts. Asphalt shingles are the cheapest solutions in the present-day roofing market and are noted for their widespread use in most modern homes.

Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

Most roofing contractors will provide you with a free quote especially if they are not required to conduct special inspections of your roof. The quotes that you receive from multiple contractors may vary with wider margins, but a low estimate is not the only reason why you may decide to go for a particular contractor. Go for a reputed contractor that has been recommended by your acquaintance or the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, your contractor should hold a valid license which will further stand as a proof of its legality and the credibility of its technicians. Make sure that your roofing estimate includes the cost of materials, labor, building permit, and tax. Notably, your roofing estimate should also indicate the tentative project completion date.


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