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With the market offering diverse window options and salespeople having great capability to influence your decisions, you are most likely to get confused in your process to select the right type of windows that will address your specific needs and complement your home’s architecture. Whether you want to replace your existing windows with newer models or you are looking for window options for your new home that is being constructed, you will definitely want to get some information about the various choices you have in order to be able to make a sensible investment. You may need to learn about the factors that determine a successful investment so that you can discuss relevant options with your salesperson in a well-informed manner.


Understanding The Difference in Replacement Windows

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You may want to know the difference between builder-grade windows and higher-end windows so that you can make the best investment based on your budget. Builder-grade windows are made out of low-quality materials that do not guarantee durability. On the other hand, higher-end windows are made of custom-grade materials that make the end-product highly durable. While the higher-end windows may seem to be your usual choice, you may consider builder-grade windows that are cheaper than their higher-end counterparts.

With privacy being one of your main considerations in selecting the best glass option for your windows, you may want to consider a number of options including smart glass, glass block, frosted glass, glass film, and leaded glass. In fact, translucent glass panes work best, promising you privacy without restricting the entry of natural daylight. Additionally, if you are located in a region that experiences severe winters, you may want to complement your existing windows with storm windows. So you should know about the factors that determine the performance of storm windows so that you can make an appropriate choice. Storm windows are mainly installed to keep you warm during winters and hence, their performance is mainly rated in terms of their air-infiltration capability. The air-infiltration rating provides a measure of the amount of air, expressed in cubic feet per minute, which can pass through the window while blowing at a speed of 25 mph. High-performing storm windows are associated with an air-infiltration rating of 0.04 cfm and notably, lower figures indicate better performance.

Vinyl Windows For Energy Efficiency

You may also need to take energy efficiency into consideration while making a decision. The Energy Star standard requires windows to have at least a 0.30 E rating and a 0.30 solar heat coefficient. Notably, an E rating provides a measure of the efficiency of a material to emit infrared energy whereas solar heat coefficient is determined by the amount of heat that can be prevented from passing through your windows, usually by including silver or other metal particles in the glass combination. Did you ever know that the concept of energy efficiency applies to window frames as well? Did you know that you may need to get your existing window frames replaced in order to address a potential air-leakage issue? Look for window frames that are associated with air leakage (AL
for values that are as low as 0.01.

Lastly, you should understand how your home’s overall insulation relates to your energy-efficient windows. While your window salesperson may claim that your windows may address all of your energy consumption issues, you may need to check your home’s overall insulation before making a window replacement decision.

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