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Simple Tips To Weatherize Your Virginia Home

Whether you need to create a cool indoor atmosphere during summer or you have to try out ways to keep you warm during winter, you will need to focus on one primary factor- energy efficiency. By reducing energy consumption, you will not only reduce your utility bills and increase your savings, but you will also be able to promote a comfortable indoor atmosphere while being able to reduce your carbon footprint to a considerable extent. There are very simple and low-cost ways to weatherize your home and most importantly, you can complete these improvements in a weekend.

Did you know that your doors and windows allow for maximum energy loss? Air leakage may pose a serious problem, accounting for as much as 30 percent of energy wastage and facilitating the transfer of hot as well as cold air through leaks and cracks. Caulk your windows and doors on both the external and internal sides to seal the cracks to minimize air leakage. Invest in high quality caulk which is most likely to last for several years. If you think that you do not have enough experience in choosing the right grade of caulk, you may ask a hardware specialist to help you.


Repeated use may damage the door sweeps and the weather stripping, leaving you at a position where you may need to consider replacing the worn-down parts. Door sweeps are commonly available in standard door sizes, but you can get them customized based on your needs. Priced at $10-$13, door sweeps do not demand special installation efforts. While sweeps are commonly used for external doors you may also choose to install them on basement doors or on the doors of rooms that are not visited frequently. By sealing off the doorways, you will preserve energy and allow your home to have a stable temperature. Replace your old weather stripping with new self-stocking foam tapes or P-shaped silicon bulbs if you think that you do not have enough time to create strips on your own. Such tapes and bulbs cost between $4 and $11.

Your attic and basement may be subjected to air leakage and this may actually impact your main living areas. You may apply foam sealers to all switches and receptacles in your home to prevent air leakage and to keep your indoor temperature stabilized. While you may need to spend less than $40 to insulate your switches and outlets, you can actually benefit from reduced utility bills. Applying foam sealers is pretty easy and you may have to study the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer.

When you become aware of your environment and understand how weather impacts your indoor temperature, you may actually succeed in utilizing your shades and fans in the smartest way. Cover up your windows with curtains that are made out of blackout material and these will serve as a sun-block, keeping your indoors cool. Use fans in place of air-conditioners to reduce energy consumption. Fans can keep your indoor temperature stable, allowing you to experience cooler indoor environment during summer.

To conclude, you can undertake these simple and cost-effective measures to boost energy efficiency and your investment will pay off in terms of energy cost savings and comfort for several years.

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