Types Of Windows: Replacement Window Buying Guide

Replacement Windows in Living Room

Types Of Windows: Replacement Window Buying Guide For Prince William County, Virginia

Windows affect your home’s indoor atmosphere by regulating the entry and exit of the natural elements. Besides, windows also impact the aesthetic appeal of your home’s architecture and they reflect your personal style. So if you are looking to buy new replacement windows, you may be looking for options that are not only practical, but aesthetically-appealing as well. Replacement windows come in various styles, shapes, and sizes and they are made out of diverse materials such as aluminum, vinyl, clad-wood, and wood. You may need to consider a number of factors, including ventilation and security, while choosing replacement window solutions that match your budget and purpose.

American CraftsmanHome replacement windows come in various forms with the most common being sliding windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, accent or picture windows, skylights, storm windows, and glass-block windows. Sliding windows feature glass panels that slide horizontally and you can open only half of the window at one time. Double-hung windows feature an upper glass panel that slides down and a lower glass panel that slides up. Some models allow for the removal, rotation, or tilting of the panels for cleaning purposes. Casement windows, which can be hung individually or in pairs, feature glass panels that can be made to swing inward as well as outward. You can open a casement window completely and conduct cleaning easily. A casement window that has a glass panel hinged to the top and tilting out at the bottom is called an awning window.

Jeld Wen V4500If you have style and design as your top priority, you may opt for accent or picture windows that appear in various shapes such as octagonal, round, or rectangular. If security is your primary objective, you may opt for glass block windows that are made out of thick break-resistant glass that not only enhances the level of your privacy and security, but also allows for the entry of natural light. Many homes feature skylights or tubular skylights which promote the entry of natural light without consuming much of your indoor space. In fact, they resemble overhead light fixtures that do not require electricity to function. Some tubular skylights come in pre-assembled form that allows for easy installation. If you have single-pane windows, you can install storm windows outside your existing windows to boost your home’s energy efficiency in a cost-effective way. Storm windows restrict the entry of outside air into your home and the gap between your storm windows and existing windows will serve as an added insulation.

American Craftsman 70 Series WindowWindows that are made up of materials providing better weather-protection are pricier, but they will justify your investment in terms of reduced energy bills and low degree of maintenance efforts. Wood does not promote condensation compared to other materials and many homeowners prefer wood over other materials. Many companies offer pre-painted windows that come in standard colors and you can go for them if you think that the color suits the look and feel of your home. Today, many homeowners may also opt for clad-wood windows that come coated with aluminum or vinyl. Vinyl coated windows make your home windows scratch-proof while the aluminum coating makes your windows tougher and durable. Windows are also made of aluminum and vinyl with each material having its own set of advantages. While aluminum is thinner, lighter, and easier to handle, vinyl is impact-resistant and vinyl windows feature hollow spaces that prevent heat-loss and condensation.

Windows come with various glass options that can address your specific needs. With windows that are equipped with low-emissive glass, you can keep your indoor atmosphere cooler in hotter days and warmer in colder days. The low-E coating prevents longer-wave sunrays from passing through it, which keeps your indoor temperature low during warmer days. Similarly, it prevents the exit of the radiant indoor heat, keeping your indoor atmosphere warmer during winter months. With tinted glass windows that have a bronze or clay coating, you can limit the entry of heat and light into your indoors.

At PBI, we have earned a distinct identity for being one of the trusted providers of home improvement products and installation service in Virginia and throughout the mid-Atlantic region. If you are looking for replacement window solutions, contact us to learn about the options you have and how we can work together to address your needs.

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