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Vinyl Siding

When you install new vinyl siding, you have a lot of expectations. New vinyl siding for your home should not only complement your home’s overall look and feel, but it should also add long-term value to your investment. You may also want to know about the options you have with regard to colors, styles, and your budget. Whatever your final decision is, your ultimate goal is to get your siding project executed by a reputed contractor that adheres to high service delivery standards and offers excellent warranties.

Here is some useful information that will help you get answers to some of your frequently asked questions about vinyl siding:

Do I need to paint my vinyl siding anytime during its lifetime?

Vinyl siding installation generally does not require you to spend additional money on its maintenance. All you need to do is to wash your siding with soap and water once a year.

What is the cost that I may need to bear?

Most reputed contractors will offer different vinyl siding solutions at different price points, thereby allowing you to make an appropriate choice based on your budget. You may want to consult a reputed contractor to learn about the choices you have.

Does vinyl has a superior alternative?

No. Vinyl is noted for its exceptional characteristics and American homeowners consider vinyl siding as a valuable addition to their homes’ architecture. Vinyl, being a durable material, will add to the long term value of your home.

Can I use vinyl siding in my home which has brick as well as wood siding?

Vinyl siding is noted for its versatility and can be used with different materials including cinder block, brick, field stones, and natural logs.

Will I get the best warranty?

A reputed contractor will offer the best warranties that will include material costs and labor charges as well. Your siding may be backed by a 30-year warranty that may come with transferability right as well.

Is there any specific season during which the installation can be performed better?

You can install new vinyl siding at any time of the year depending on your readiness in terms of schedule as well as budget.

Will I get matching trims for my vinyl siding?

At PBI, we offer a wide selection of trim pieces including functional utility trims and substantial wide trims that look similar to dimensional lumber.

Will seams remain visible?

We offer vinyl siding that ranges between 6” to 12” in length and this means that the siding needs to be overlaid in order to cover an entire wall. We employ experienced installers who can install vinyl siding in the most appropriate manner to produce a seamless experience.

We strive to provide you with quality vinyl siding while creating a benchmark for service delivery. Call us on 1-888-340-9002 for a free consultation session and know how we can work together to help you address your home renovation needs.

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